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Don Correia

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker
Office:(212) 381-2371
Mobile:(917) 374-5912


Donald Correia, who for the last 20 years has excelled in real estate sales both here in New York and in California, takes exceptional care of the buyers and sellers that he represents. Having catered to some of today’s most celebrated stars of the entertainment industry he knows how to offer the “star treatment” to every client he works with.

Don should know about star treatment, having been a well known performer himself. Don has appeared on Broadway, television, movies and even as an acrobat in Los Vegas’ Follies Bergere. Some of his credits include the Broadway production of “Singin’ in the Rain”, for which he received a Tony Award nomination for his performance as Don Lockwood (the role that Gene Kelly made famous), and “A Tribute to Richard Rogers”, for which he won an Emmy Award.

Don has first hand knowledge of home ownership and property management. He lived for 9 years, with his wife Sandy Duncan and their two sons, in a single family townhouse on the Upper Westside. In his spare time he manages an upper Westside townhouse cooperative. He and his wife have bought and sold over 20 properties in their 25 years of marriage.

Don and his partner Judy Oston are strong leaders in Halstead Property’s Townhouse Division. The Division spearheads community based initiatives and seminars to help townhouse owners better cope with the quickly changing real estate environment. With a combined 40 years of experience working in New York City real estate, they bring a level of expertise and knowledge that is unrivalled!


Don spearheads the Townhouse Team with his partner,

Judy Oston, at the Upper West Side Office of Halstead Property located at 408 Columbus Avenue at 79th Street (directly across from the Museum of Natural History). The team, comprised of six specialized professionals, enables Judy and Don to custom serve all of her clients needs and give them the edge when brokering a deal. Other seasoned architects, engineers, attorneys, designers/stagers and mortgage brokers are also available for consultation when necessary.

Judy and Don, you were a great team of experts whose deep knowledge of the brownstone market was a true source of comfort. The sales process went very smoothly, despite S&P's downgrade action on U.S. government bonds roiling the markets as soon as we put the house up for sale. That certainly made my wish-list pricing unattainable. You were right from the start as to how much the house was likely to sell for, and in the end-game negotiations you got us $25,000 more than I asked you to achieve. Very well done, indeed! Beth and I thank you for all your help, including help finding the buyers--and they were great ones who clearly plan to keep the house as the mini-museum it has remained. Thanks too for the champagne--a great touch! You two covered each other as a great team..." - Bob & Beth S.

"After the death of my husband, preparing our home of 36 years for sale was the most gut-wrenching experience of my life. Judy and Don made the process bearable. They always gave me space when I needed it, a gentle nudge when it was needed. They were always kind, courteous, sensitive and respectful. And also--they loved my apartment and reassured me that they would find me a buyer who was looking for just what I had. Nobody wants to go through the "staging" process. But they insisted and I went along with it. Wow! What a difference! Not even my children--who grew up in the apartment--had fully appreciated our wonderful home property!

The open house was as smooth as it could possibly be. Judy and Don are so professional that nothing was left to chance. From our first meeting, all the way through the closing, they were complete professionals. They continue to work with me on another property in Manhattan. I wouldn't call anyone else." - Betty G.

"We have come to consider Don and Judy as our family's personal real estate brokers. They expertly guided us into (and eight years later, out of) our apartment on the Upper West Side, as well as helping our daughter sell her apartment when she re-located to the west coast. They're the top of the game as far as we're concerned -- knowledgeable, insightful and very personally involved. We couldn't recommend them more highly." - Jill E. and Michael T.

"I have known Don Correia for 30 years and have bought and sold three properties on the Upper West Side. He and Judy are a dynamite team who never fail to respond to you immediately. The transactions that we have worked on together have been fairly complex and time consuming and I was thrilled to be able to work with such dedicated and professional people." - Barbara and Emery O.

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